Tanti Luce Rosemary Clementine Gin and Tonic

rosemary clementine gin and tonic: Tanti LuceRosemary Clementine Gin and Tonic
From Missy Auge of Tanti Luce 221

The drinks on Tanti Luce 221’s menu are bold, inventive and playful. The absolute fun co-owner Missy Auge is having really comes through. “I do my own thing,” she proclaims, and the result is a full line of house infusions including Tanti Luce 221’s Rosemary Clementine Gin. Missy says gin is fun to make cocktails with because of its interesting and complex flavor, and she’s finding that people are becoming more interested in gin. “Gin is the new black!” she exclaims. “And when you think about it, gin is the original infusion: a blank spirit that someone added juniper to.” Missy expanded on that infusion by adding citrus and herbs to create a specialty liquor that tastes great in a simple gin and tonic.

Rosemary Clementine Gin:

2 whole clementines, juiced
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
½ clementine, sliced
750 mL bottle of high-quality gin (Missy recommends Beefeater 24)

Pour out a little bit of gin to make room in the bottle and add infusion ingredients.
Let the liquor infuse for approximately two weeks, tasting regularly to gauge the flavor.

To make the gin and tonic, fill a rocks glass with ice. Add 2 ounces Rosemary Clementine Gin. Fill with tonic water (Missy recommends a quality tonic such as Fever-Tree). Garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Tanti Luce 221 is located at 221 Shelby Street in Santa Fe, 505.988.2355, tantiluce221.com.

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