White Bean and Duck Confit Salad with Walnut Oil and Arugula

White Bean and Duck Confit SaladWhite Bean and Duck Confit Salad with Walnut Oil and Arugula

2 cups dried white beans (such as lingot, tarbais, cannellini or Great NorthernFrench lingot or tarbais, or Great Northern or cannellini)
Approximately 6 cups chicken stock
Bouquet garni (a small “bouquet” of mixed fresh herbs)
Kosher salt
2 duck confit leg-thigh sections (get a recipe for homemade duck confit here)
1½ Tablespoons walnut oil
1½ Tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
2 to 3 teaspoons red wine vinegar Continue reading

Smoked Fish and Cucumber Tartine

smoked fish tartine recipeSmoked Fish and Cucumber Tartine

This is a really simple recipe that can be prepared the day before the opera tailgating. Cool food for a hot summer day, this classic French cucumber salad is exquisite topped with smoked fish, and served on dark rye bread or baguette. Paired with a nice glass of Champagne, and served on a checkered tablecloth, this dish would have mademake Oscar very happy. (English cucumber sandwiches were his favorites.) –Chef Christophe Continue reading