Still Hungry? October 2016

applesA is for Apple. It’s also for Autumn. And Awesome, too, because that’s what sipping hard cider in the crisp chill of fall is. This month, four local cider-makers—Skarsgard Farms, New Mexico Hard Cider, Santa Fe Cider Works and Sandia Hard Cider—share with us a favorite dish, paired with a hard cider they’ve pressed from our local earth’s autumn bounty. Ah yes, A is for Artisanal-cider and Adult-beverage, too. Cheers! Continue reading

Still Hungry? April 2016 – A Look Back

Still hungry? Yes, indeed! Twenty years old, and here we are, still savoring the flavor of Norther New Mexico. After all these years, Local Flavor’s readers, writers, featured chefs, artists and locals of all trades still savor the flavors of Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos and beyond. In honor of the celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we’re featuring three of our favorite Albuquerque restaurants, all which were a part of our very first issue…and beyond! Each restaurant is a local classic in its own right, and we are honored to feature a few signature recipes in the April issue. We hope you enjoy these dishes as much as we do—after all, one’s never too old, never too young, to enjoy the flavors of our Northern New Mexico treasures. Here’s to many more! Continue reading

Chef Muller’s Mom’s Fried Chicken

Ask Chef Fred Muller for a recipe from his mother’s kitchen and he doesn’t hesitate a second. Fried chicken. “I’m from the South,” he says. “Fried chicken is served at any family event.” Fred started helping out in the kitchen for selfish reasons; he was always starving and he thought that if he helped out, dinner would appear that much faster. One of his earliest tasks was to be in charge of putting the chicken in a brown paper bag and shaking it to coat it with the seasoning. Fred warns not to be discouraged if your fried chicken is not perfect on your first try. It takes a little practice, but the end results are well worth it. Continue reading

Green Chile, Apple and Chicken Pot Pie

By avlxyz at ( [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By avlxyz at ( [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Reprinted from Chef John Vollertsen’s Cooking with Johnny Vee: International Cuisine with a Modern Flair

Makes 8 small pies Continue reading

Spanish Table Classic Paella

SaffronFor more than six decades Santa Fe has been celebrating its unique Spanish heritage with the nationally renowned week-long celebration known as Spanish Market. But for locals, all things Spanish are enjoyed and celebrated on a daily basis and no shop in town is as important to us as our very own Spanish Table––a cultural and culinary jewel that carries a unique array of Spanish ingredients, specialty cookware and colorful ceramics.

Manager Ana Enriquez enjoys working with the many local chefs who stop by for specialty ingredients as well as savvy home cooks. For our Still Hungry column this month, Ana offers up three classic Spanish recipes whose ingredients conjure the unique flavors of Spain: an easy-to-make fish in saffron sauce, a light, refreshing sangria and a classic summertime paella. Continue reading