Still Hungry? September 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.57.18 PMThere is simply no rest for Santa Feans in the summer and early fall. We barely pack up the tents from Indian Market (an astonishing tour de force that draws thousands of artists and collectors from all over the world to celebrate the creativity of Native culture)––and here we are setting up the party tents for yet another reknowned event––the Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta. This month, foodies and oenophiles will come from far and wide to experience the creativity and spirited camaraderie of our culinary community and their passion for the finest of wines.

Enjoy your week at Wine and Chile––it is a true taste of our Local Flavor and our local hospitality. As a final offering to you, our “Still Hungry?” writer asked four legendary chefs for a signature recipe that a skilled home chef might enjoy tackling.

Our thanks to Mark Kiffin of The Compound, Joseph Wrede of Joseph’s of Santa Fe, Martín Rios of Restaurant Martín and Charles Dale of Bouche. —editor’s note

Story by Lily Carbone

Photo credit: Kitty Leaken (Charles Dale; Mark Kiffin), Kate Russell (Martín Rios), and Joy Godfrey (Joseph Wrede)

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