A collection of New Mexico recipes from Local Flavor Magazine’s Still Hungry series, provided by New Mexico’s local chefs, growers, authors, bartenders and residents.

Each month, we ask the leaders of New Mexico’s culinary culture for recipes that reflect not just their own style, but the flavor of life in New Mexico as well.

Past contributors have included Chef Jonathan Perno of Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm, Chef Michael Giese of The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, Chef Novak
of The Hollar Restaurant in Madrid, Chef Marc Quinones of Bien Shur Restaurant,  Chef Patrick Gharrity of La Casa Sena in Santa Fe, and Cheryl & Bill Jamison, authors of Tasting New Mexico: 100 Years of Distinctive Home Cooking plus many more.

Still Hungry? July 2017: Recipes from The Teahouse

Whether you’re tucking in under a broad umbrella for a midday respite from the sun, or chasing the last rays as the sky turns pink and the temperature drops, summer makes for prime patio season. We’re not the only ones charmed by the outdoor tables at The Teahouse—the patio was part of what drew Owner Richard Freedman to buy the place four-and-a-half years ago. Located on Canyon Road, and nestled beneath the bustle of summertime art-district traffic, The Teahouse is perfectly situated for a relaxing pause between gallery visits. And its beautiful outdoor dining space, nestled among the shade of 70-year-old apricot, apple and pear trees, is reminiscent of plein-air settings in Provence and Tuscany.

As it happened, Richard lined the menu with favorites he learned to cook in Italy: lasagna Bolognese and an Italian chicken pot pie with polenta and parmesan, even affogato, a classic Italian dessert of espresso poured over vanilla ice cream. What his dishes share is an affinity for simple food. “The Italians have such a gift for combinations of flavors,” Richard says. “Classic Italian combinations really work, and you don’t want to do a lot to them because the basic ingredients are so good.” The dishes, of course, are also perfect companions to an al fresco dining experience on the patio. Continue reading

Still Hungry? June 2017

Photo-Credit_Douglas-Merriam Harsh and frigid, scalding and cracked, ancient with fossils of the inland sea that once was, and fresh with shoots that somehow rise from the earth’s snow-quenched crevices. The sky is huge and open enough to cradle both the bright, searing sun and the drenching monsoons and billows of snow that stumble in, early or late, never apologetic, each summer and winter season. Soft from afar, jagged up close; seemingly dead as a fossil, crystalized—but, just there, a fragile shoot. Part of the magic, the miracle of this place, the high desert, is the paradox of, the contrast between, the aliveness that bursts through what seems to be the uncaring, solid stillness of earth.

And then there are the people who cultivate this earth’s soil. All year at the Santa Fe Farmers Market, these men and women from their various plots of Northern New Mexico land sell the creations they’ve nurtured with their own hands. “Life for such a creation in northern New Mexico is unlike anywhere in the world,” writes Lesley S. King in photographer Douglas Merriam’s 2016 cookbook—a book born of, inspired by and in ode to the Santa Fe Farmers Market. The book, A Farm Fresh Journey Santa Fe Farmers Market Cookbook, is a gorgeous testament to the stark beauty of New Mexico as well as to Doug’s artistic talent, his ability to capture the earth, its fruit, its people. It’s the portrait of the contrast to and relationship between the New Mexico landscape, the plants that grow from it, and the people who cultivate and make these delicacies thrive. Ultimately, it’s a taste of our local earth. Continue reading

Still Hungry? May 2017

Life Changing Crackers

Life Changing Crackers

Sweet May. Once again, the rough winds of early spring have brought us the warmer breath of Maia—May’s namesake—the goddess of fertility. In honor of springtime sunshine, green and warmth, and of course, our annual Outdoor Issue, we bring you four recipes to be enjoyed in the vast landscape of the wild (or in your own backyard). Each recipe, chosen or created by our writers—whose nature adventures and outdoor ponderings never cease to inspire us—is a taste of what fuels their alfresco escapades.

The recipes include a savory camping breakfast by Melyssa Holik, “a crunchy and delicious and addictive…snack to keep your energy up while hiking,”, from Gabriella Marks; Tim Fowler’s Hobo Bundles, which are, he says, “simple to make” and can be cooked over the fire; and Michael Dax’s Thanksgiving on a Spoon, developed on his 2011 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. So from breakfast to dinner, we’ve got the fuel for your day (and night) of outdoor exploration. As Tim puts it, “simple ingredients and simple preparation are the way to go when camping.” Continue reading

Still Hungry? April 2017

Like homesteading itself (timeless, creative, sustainable), many of our homesteading stories of yore haven’t lost their inspiration or relevance, and the folks who graced the cover shots haven’t lost their touch. If you’ve yet to check out our past homesteading stories (visit, we suggest you meet jewelers Marian Denipah and Steve LaRance in last year’s “Working with the Earth”; homesteader, mother, blogger extraordinaire Erin O’Neill in “A Life Home Grown,” 2015; and sustainable inspiration and Ampersand Sustainable Learning Director Amanda Bramble of “In Harmony,” 2012, our very first homestead issue.

The inherently fresh and forward-looking feel of springtime, new growth, longer days becomes yet more personal, down-to-earth and magical when you meet the folks who have their hands in this local soil—metaphorically or literally—creating, reviving and gleaning its bounty. We asked Erin, Amanda and Steve for their takes on “down-home” recipes, and in return, they shared with us tastes of themselves, this earth, and simply some delicious down-homestead goodness.

Continue reading

Still Hungry? March 2017

In recent years, we’ve been learning more and more about the importance of early childhood education. Of course, a full education includes all aspects of the person, from the body to the mind—and all aspects of the nourishment of a person begin, well, at the beginning of a person’s life. So this month, in light of our health and wellness issue, and in honor of wholesome childhood roots, three Santa Fe chefs share with us recipes that are not only healthy for but adored by kids (and adults, too!).

Blue Corn Café & Brewery recently welcomed Guillermo Bojorquez as its new chef. Along with his 9-year-old daughter Nethania, Chef Guillermo created a healthy shrimp soup and elbow pasta salad that are sure to be hits at nourishing family dinners. Osteria d’Assissi Chef Cristian Pontiggia shares with us a dish his grandma used to cheer him up with—he now makes his nona’s whole-wheat spinach-and-ricotta ravioli for his 15-month-old son, Leo. And Chef Aja Marsh of Verde Food mixed up her nutrient-dense, low-glycemic, vegan and gluten-free chewy sweet-potato oatmeal-raisin cookies with maple-pecan icing. We hope the children in your lives love these wholesome recipes as much as ours do. Here’s to healthy lives, from start to finish. Continue reading

It’s All About the Gadgets

Spiralize-JohnnyVAt my follow-up doctor’s appointment following my annual physical, I got good news and bad news. “Get more exercise, cut back on wine, lose 20 pounds, and eat healthier,” my doc said. He sent me home with a nifty packet of dietary recommendations, tips, hints and menus for eating healthier. Perusing the info, I noticed the menus pretty much resembled the ones you already know: lots of whole grains, lean meats, legumes and low-fat cottage cheese (yuck, that ain’t gonna happen)! In the regimen, fats were kept to a minimum, and carbs cut.

Since I work in a beautiful kitchen shop that sells myriad gadgets designed to make cooking easier and more fun, and since I teach cooking classes that often include ideas for healthier eating, I thought I would pass along some of my favorite kitchen tools that can help one live a healthier lifestyle, along with a few recipes for this health-and-fitness issue. Continue reading