Give it a shot: New Mexico distilleries

If you’re ready for something a little stronger than wine, look no further. Northern New Mexico is home to several locally owned small batch distilleries which specialize in everything from gin made with cholla blossoms to barrel-aged whiskey. Local Flavor’s got the goods on KGB Spirits, Don Quixote, and Santa Fe Spirits:
KGB SpiritsKGB Spirits

Is a bottle of Taos Lightning whiskey, bottled in New Mexico, a touchstone of history or a portal to the future? According to John Bernasconi, the president and master distiller of KGB Spirits, located near Alcalde, it’s both. Read more about KGB Spirits



Santa Fe Spirits

Santa Fe Spirits

An idea that began with a bumper crop of apples (and a need to use them up) has grown into an artisanal distillery with 2 tasting rooms offering whiskey, gin, vodka, and of course apply brandy. Read the full story on Santa Fe Spirits here.






Don Quixote DistilleryDon Quixote Distillery

You want to talk handcrafted? At the Don Quixote Distillery & Winery in White Rock, New Mexico, Ron and Olha Dolin take the term literally. Yes, they craft their liquors, grappas, brandies, ports and wines by hand from local grain and fruit.  Yes, Olha draws the labels and etches bottles herself. Yes, Ron, on days off from his job at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, built the tasting room at their home, where you will see flashes of their two young children, and, in slower motion, Max, the cork-chewing Labrador. And, yes, Ron also designed and built the backyard distillery, which, in 2005, was the first to be licensed in New Mexico statehood. All these things easily establish the Dolins’ bona fides in the realm of local handcrafted goods. Read the full story on Don Quixote Distillery here

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