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One man, three looks, one season. Santa Fe boutique owners give Santa their tips on the perfect fashion gifts for men. As Santa Fe style always rocks around the Christmas tree, you’re sure to find an outfit here that’ll absolutely sleigh you.

Uli goes only by her first name, and her shop’s style reflects that same sense of individuality—the “I’ll do it my way” spirit of Santa Fe. Guys who don’t take a slavish approach to following fashion will love the Couture velveteen British Army jacket ($398). “It gives him an edge and says that he’s an individual and wants to be noticed.” Pop it over a cotton Couture T-shirt ($58) that’s “very soft and easy to wear” and pep it up with a Carrot & Gibbs bow tie ($68). A dash of blue in the tie picks up the “really cool” Reward jeans ($78). Uli says the great thing about this outfit is that it works on every body type and height. If you can’t buy every piece, opt for the jacket, popular with all ages from 20 to 80, to give a twist to many different outfits. “It’s a very Western town, and this is a little bit more dressy.” Alternatively, a beautiful cashmere sweater, scarf or hat is eternally welcome, and Uli notes that men also love good socks and ties as gifts. The humble sock is elevated from so-so to suave with striking color combos and can transform any outfit: “For the woman, it’s a purse. For the man, it’s socks!”
208 W. San Francisco, 505.986.0577, www.ulisfashions.com


Red River Mercantile
The so-called heritage look celebrates brands that have stood the test of time since before World War II. “It’s utility meets fashion,” says Steven Traer, who opened his own store in May after a 30-year career in men’s apparel. “I see Santa Fe as still this kind of rugged outpost, and these heritage brands fit in with the romantic side.” Hence the C.C. Filson wool mackinaw ($290) from a line dating back to 1914, originally designed for timber workers in the Pacific Northwest. “It’s a perfect Santa Fe coat: warm, with a bunch of pockets for all the stuff guys have to carry.” The Barbour quilted waistcoat ($99) is a versatile best seller, and we all know how long a Barbour coat lasts. “I bought one back in 1982, and our son who’s 27 still wears it up in San Francisco,” says Traer. Men ooze macho in a plaid shirt, like this soft cotton shirt from M. Gordon ($79.50). “The beautiful autumnal colors tie the vest and coat together without being too matchy.” Cotton canvas Mountain Khaki pants ($82.95) offer an alternative to jeans and are equally durable as a great hiking pant—or top them with a sport coat. Suede lends Blundstone boots ($165) a fashion edge, but Traer also carries the full-grain version. “If you worked on a ranch in Australia, that’s what you’d be wearing.” Accessories to complete the updated authentics look? An oilcloth messenger bag with blanket flap from Will Leather Goods ($250) and a leather cuff ($40) from the same brand to make a change from New Mexico silver and turquoise.
235 Don Gaspar #1, 505.992.1233


If clothes maketh the man, Greg Voida reckons this outfit speaks of a man interested in quality and uniqueness. “He’s willing to come here and find something a little bit different. You could wear this to work, out to dinner, to a cocktail party or gallery opening.” Who epitomizes this kind of effortless sophistication? “A George Clooney type of guy.” The Jack Victor jacket ($595) in a year-round–weight wool travels well and makes the transition from formal to jeans. Teamed with a Jhane Barnes signature shirt ($165) and wool trouser ($295) by Zanella, “the color combination is real rich.” Borsalino’s felt travel hat ($250) looks like a dress hat but rolls up to tuck in your pocket, and the Chelsey Imports silk scarf ($95) feels like cashmere and comes in a black/burgundy reverse, as well as other color combos. “Wear it dressy or as a muffler for warmth. Scarves make an easy gift—you don’t have to worry about the size.” An Allen Edmonds belt ($115) in textured leather with a silver tip hits the spot for Santa Fe style. Voida appreciates the trend toward a trimmer silhouette, with flat-front pants and slimmer-cut coats. “I think it makes most men look better; it’s more flattering. Generally when buying an outfit, you buy the jacket first. But if someone said I can only buy one piece, I’d say choose the shirt, because that’s something you won’t see again.”
202 Galisteo, 505.988.1959


Eyes & Optics Santa Fe / Botwin Eye Group

444 St. Michael’s Drive, 505.954/4442

Cartier Eyewear $890.00 (silver frame)

Cartier Eyewear $890.00 (red frame)

Loree Rodkin by Sama, Hunter (sunglasses) $950.00

Anne et Valentin, Pepper  (black/green) $545.00


by Tania Casselle
photos Kate Russell


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