Gifts for Foodies

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones and, more specifically, for the foodies on your list. This year, give the aspiring chefs in your life something new to chew on: a book that encourages them to develop their culinary skills, explore authentic New Mexican cuisine and, most importantly, share a meal with their family and friends. Here are ten of our favorite cookbooks by local authors that celebrate the flavors of New Mexico and beyond. Remember the Local Flavor war cry! Think local. Buy local. Stay local.

Vegetable Literacy
Deborah Madison


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Santa Fe School of Cooking

Nicole Ammerman and Susan Curtis photo by: Stephen Lang

Nicole Ammerman and Susan Curtis
photo by: Stephen Lang

The holidays are nearly upon us, and with them comes a season of quiet reflection and joyful peace, when people gather together to celebrate giving, gratitude and goodwill. For Santa Fe School of Cooking founder Susan Curtis and Director of Operations Nicole Ammerman, the holiday season also represents the combination of their most cherished values: food and family. Continue reading

We Asked the Mayor

Mayor Gonzales Photo: Maria Clokey, City of Santa Fe

Mayor Gonzales
Photo: Maria Clokey, City of Santa Fe

Thanksgiving’s approach brings with it a cornucopia of memories and associations, especially those related to delicious smells wafting from the kitchen. It’s traditionally a time of gathering together with people we love, sharing with them our special ritual foods and getting the chance to rediscover, if we’re lucky, how much these people and places dear to our hearts really mean to us, even with their quirks (maybe even because of their quirks!). Continue reading

Cheesemongers of Santa Fe

The small adobe building on East Marcy Street, previously home to an office space filled with cubicles, now houses the very last thing you might expect and something you’ll be delighted to discover: several enormous deli cases soon to be filled with more cheeses than you can name. I’m surprised by the large, open room, saturated with sunlight from rows of windows and skylights that cast reflections off the glass case fronts and light up the pale mint-colored counters. When I arrive to meet John Gutierrez, one of the partners behind Cheesemongers of Santa Fe, he’s moving from case to counter and back again, grabbing different cheeses and expertly slicing them into an array of shapes.

Photo by Gabriella Marks

Photo by Gabriella Marks

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Chef Muller’s Mom’s Fried Chicken

Ask Chef Fred Muller for a recipe from his mother’s kitchen and he doesn’t hesitate a second. Fried chicken. “I’m from the South,” he says. “Fried chicken is served at any family event.” Fred started helping out in the kitchen for selfish reasons; he was always starving and he thought that if he helped out, dinner would appear that much faster. One of his earliest tasks was to be in charge of putting the chicken in a brown paper bag and shaking it to coat it with the seasoning. Fred warns not to be discouraged if your fried chicken is not perfect on your first try. It takes a little practice, but the end results are well worth it. Continue reading

What Brings Us Together?

When Santa Fe native Nancy Abruzzo met her future husband Richard, a renowned balloonist from Albuquerque, she was a total novice in that world. But she was also game and she was adventurous. Richard’s passion for balloons, both gas and hot air, was contagious, and Nancy found herself not only becoming an aficionado but, eventually, a pilot, herself. The son of world-famous balloonist Ben Abruzzo who founded the Albuquerque Balloon Museum, Richard had won countless awards, capped in 2004 by the Gordon Bennett Cup, a prestigious international contest he won with co-pilot Carol Rymer Davis for long distance gas ballooning.

Courtesy Nancy Abruzzo

Courtesy Nancy Abruzzo

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