It’s Here! Restaurant Week 2013

by Melyssa Holik

New Mexico Restaurant Week kicks off its fourth year later this month in Santa Fe and continues into March in Taos before the three-week event wraps up in Albuquerque on March 17. For 21 days, participating restaurants are offering three-course, prix fixe dinners and/or lunches for a price that is well below normal.

Joe Baum and Tim Zagat initiated the first Restaurant Week in New York City in 1992 as a gesture of goodwill to reporters who were in town to cover the Democratic National Convention. Since then, the idea has spread to cities and states nationwide. New Mexico’s participation Continue reading


hugelkultur garden layout

Hugelkultur Garden

by Gail Snyder

“Hugelkultur” is the kind of word my dad would’ve loved. If I’d called him up and said, “Hi, Dad! I’m making a hugelkultur garden,” he would’ve interrupted me immediately, giving it endless variations—hoooooglekultur; hewglekultur—of Dr. Strangelove pronunciations, laughing at his own wit. It’s the kind of word that encourages silliness.
And actually, as a gardening technique, hugelkultur totally lives up to the wacky spirit of its name. It’s virtually rule-less, so there’s no way you can screw it up. It uses a ton of unconventional materials—trash, basically—not ordinarily associated with gardening. And so if, like me, you hate following recipes and instructions and you love madcap adventures, hugelkultur is for you. Continue reading