The Local Flavor Pantry

Learn more about Northern New Mexico’s local food growers, artisans, and vendors. Milk and honey, herbs and spices: New Mexico’s got it all! These businesses offer packaged local products, and they keep our farmers’ markets robust in every season.


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Buckin’ Bee Honey
Buckin’ Bee is celebrating 14 years of keeping bees in Santa Fe! They sell honey, bee pollen, beeswax, candles, and lip balm. x Get healthy with their immune-boosting propolis tincture, a product of bee-collected resin from tree buds.

La Entrada Farms
La Entrada keeps a small number of hives in Corrales and North Valley. This is their third year selling honey and beeswax; they also supply bee cake. They look forward to beginning their harvest in mid-June.

Papa Bear’s Honey
Providing delicious, high-quality raw honey. Papa Bear’s Honey retains some of the pollen, which is rumored to reduce allergies locally. In Edgewood.

Zia Queen Bee Co.
Offering many varieties of honey based on the season and the diverse flora of the Rio Grande Valley. Zia Queen Bee Co. honey is pure, raw, and unfiltered. This farm in Truchas has creamed honey, beeswax, and lotions, salves, and lip balms augmented with native medicinal herbs. Continue reading

A Life Home Grown

Photo by Gabriella Marks

Photo by Gabriella Marks

I’ve been having the best time recently, scrolling through Erin O’Neill’s blog, Seeds & Stones, A Life Home Grown, which chronicles her family’s homesteading experiences in Nambé. Erin and her husband, Joel Glanzberg, make living sustainably look not only feasible for some of us not-so-green-thumbed DIY illiterates, but even doable—and fun! Because the real bottom line to homesteading, it turns out, is not memorizing permaculture techniques or teaching yourself construction and engineering basics. It’s gleaning! Which is just a more polite way of saying scavenging. And not only for materials—wood, appliances, tools, mulching—but ideas. Other people’s ideas. Things they’ve already tried out themselves, so they know they work and they can warn you of how to avoid their own mistakes.

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