The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest Cross-Country is one of those places—one of those experiences of place—that not only lives up to its seemingly outdated name (in an age of manufactured forests that are neither enchanted nor enchanting) but offers what forests have been offering up for eons in fable after fable after myth after play after fantasy after epic, from Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Harry Potter: the possibility of liminality and transformation, wonder and awe. And downright fun. Continue reading

Fly Fishing on the Rio Grande

A Note from the Editor:

Localflavor is thrilled to have the father-son team of Taylor and Nick Streit sharing their expertise with us this month. The Taos-based Streits are world-class anglers with a combined total of forty-five years of teaching and guiding under their belts. Taylor has authored several fly fishingbooks, and both he and Nick have traveled to countless rivers worldwide in search of the perfect catch. But (lucky for us) there’s no place they’d rather be than fishing Northern New Mexico’s own Rio Grande.

We have been fortunate to travel to some of the world’s best fly-fishing destinations, from Alaska to Argentina, and  people often ask us where our top place to fish is.  The answer usually surprises them, because although other rivers and lakes in far-off lands have produced more and bigger trout, the Rio Grande—when it is fishing well—is still our favorite place. The lonely river offers more than just the fishing.  A truly wild world lies between its banks, where the angler is surrounded by nature in its rawest form, from the quiet to the chaotic. There are times when the water seems to leap around you; at others, it glides peacefully by. And, let’s not forget, you might just have a have a huge trout or pike attack your fly at any time, too! Continue reading