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For someone who cannot draw and would not know what to do with a sewing machine if she had one, Robin Beachner’s success as a designer in the highly competitive world of fashion, is, to say the least, impressive. Beachner is the principal designer for Sense, a Santa Fe based clothing line she started in 2004 and which now supplies over 250 stores nationwide.

The concept that makes Sense different from all the other offerings out there is surprisingly simple. Beachner’s clothes are designed for women who want to be stylish but comfortable  —- no zips, buttons or bows. And outfits that can be worn as casual wear during the day can be transformed, with the addition of some simple jewelry and accessories, into elegant dinner or party wear. In other words, it takes yoga style clothing to a whole new level. Continue reading

City Stylin’ Albuquerque

Sequins and bell bottoms—do we hear disco, baby? Fashion experts in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe tipped these two trends, but glam looks, updated with 21st century polish, are especially suited to the Duke City’s urban vibe. In color, there’s a new purple reign, and gray is still the cool neutral. Trend lovers with more dash than cash can find plenty of budget-stretching ways to spark up the wardrobe. For starters, get an immediate style injection with a pinch of pattern and texture. “Whether you’re conservative or a fashionista-out-there girl, there’s a level you can mix these patterns and textures that you’re comfortable with,” says Mariah Littauer from Gee Loretta! “For me, fashion is about stretching ourselves outside the box.” Continue reading