More to explore: Favorite New Mexico Mountain Bike Trails

New Mexico Mountain BikingWhat are the best places to hit the trail in Northern New Mexico? We asked experts from local shops for their favorite mountain bike trails: their reliable standbys and secret gems. Here’s what they had to say about their top picks:

The Broken Spoke Santa Fe BikesMike Chapman, Broken Spoke in Santa Fe

Mike’s got several picks for his favorite area mountain bike trails, and it’s clear he’s a practical man who just wants to get out and ride. “Dale Ball is perfect before work or in the evening,” he says, noting that it’s ideal for squeezing in a quick ride in a short time frame, because it’s so close to Santa Fe. “In the wintertime, La Tierra is great, simply because it’s available. The ground gets a bit frozen, so you don’t leave a deep rut when you ride.”

While he considers La Tierra fun year round, when the weather warms up and the trails dry out, Mike says he’d rather be up amongst the aspens. “The high country trails are the true gems of this area.” He specifically likes Continue reading




It’s a Saturday morning in the L-shaped studio of Santa Fe’s Dynamic Kettlebell Fitness. About 30 students are swinging their kettlebells under the direction of trainer Keira Newton, and despite the rigor of the workout, nobody groans, complains or tries to sneak a moment’s downtime when Newton’s back is turned. In fact, she has to keep admonishing them to hold back when they’re too eager to launch into the next round. “You’re not going yet, y’all! Hold on, hold on!” She clicks her stopwatch to start the new series of movements (“Use your breath, not your momentum!”) and then, when the timed period is over, has to rein in the overzealous once again: “Stop! You’re done, you’re done!” Continue reading


Nia: The Dance Within

story by Emily Beenen
photos by Kate Russell

The day before Valentine’s Day, I attended my first Nia (pronounced knee-ah) class in Albuquerque at Studio Sway in the Nob Hill area.  I’d never heard of this type of exercise before, but read the following excerpt on

“Nia is a path to condition, heal and express yourself through movement and sensation. A dynamic blend of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, Nia revolutionized the face of fitness in 1983, and has since changed millions of lives and bodies across the globe. Balancing technical precision with free-form expression, Nia brings the body, mind, emotions and spirit to optimum health through music, movement and self-expression, guided by the sensation of Pleasure.” Yeesh.  Guided by the sensation of Pleasure? The italics and capitalization worried me. Continue reading

Gotta Skate!

Gotta Skate!

“I love that derby is utterly unprissy with an underground edge to it. It’s a very serious sport now—none of the fake fights like there used to be—but there’s still a sense of fun and bad behavior.”  Jenni “Hella Gizella” Higginbotham


So you think just because you went to that girl’s roller rink party in third grade, you looked cool in the skates’ lace-up boots and you loved it, you’re qualified to be a Derby Girl? Continue reading

Ride the Rio

New mexico outdoors: kayak the rio grandeRide the Rio
Sometimes a surprise can be right around the bend, particularly for a sporting group dedicated to kayaking through whitewater rapids. It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and a revival of sorts is taking place on the Rio Grande River, just below Pilar, New Mexico, 15 miles south of Taos. The New Mexico River Outfitters Association, a league of local adventure companies who instruct and guide water trips along the Chama and Rio Grande rivers of Northern New Mexico, has resurrected one of the oldest river races west of the Mississippi, second only to the granddaddy of all river races, in Salida, Colorado, on the Arkansas River.

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New Stone Age

outdoor NM: rock climbingNew Stone Age

What possesses people to challenge every muscle in their bodies, stretching and straining to achieve a toehold or fingerhold in a crack on the face of a cliff? Is it the quest for superhuman fitness, or perhaps the fashion statement made by climbing harnesses, helmets and other gear? For 30-year-old Lee Brinckerhoff, rock-climbing enthusiast and a manager at Albuquerque’s Stone Age Climbing Gym, the appeal lies in breaking through mental and physical barriers – and seeing other people do the same.

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