Beer…It’s What’s for Dinner!

Our Outside Bike and Brew Festival beer-dinner chefs and brewers reveal their methods and motivations for making their selections this year. The pairings are certainly sublime—and even a bit mysterious—setting us up for tastings that are sure to get a wide range of reactions and applause. To see a listing of Bike and Brew Beer Dinners, including menus and dates, visit our listing here.

Monk’s Ale

“When I tested the beers, I was in heaven. I really love them,” L’Olivier Co-owner Nathalie Grenet laughs. Pairing with Monk’s Ale was a new experience for Nathalie and her chef husband, Xavier, who felt the European style of ale was really well suited for L’Olivier’s menu. Their beer-recipe research fittingly started at the restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day. For Bike and Brew, they are fashioning a beef glaze incorporating the full-body, nutty flavor of dark brews. “To me, these are really beautiful beers,” Nathalie says.

229 Galisteo Street in Santa Fe. 505.989.1919.

Pranzo Italian Grill
New Belgium Brewery

Pranzo Chef/Owner Steven Lemon and cocktail choreographer Evan Schultz picked a regional brewery that embodies the spirit of the Bike and Brew Festival. “We think an older brewing technique is going to pair with our food the best,” Steven reveals. Pranzo offers four savory dishes, skipping dessert this time, to maximize the brewery’s eclectic line. Get ready to experience a wood-aged, sour brown ale from New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series for one of the chef’s pairings, which he claims proved to be difficult—but will be the most memorable.

540 Montezuma Avenue in Santa Fe. 505.984.2645.

Andiamo! Trattoria
Marble Brewing

Andiamo Owner Joan Gillcrist personally designed the dinner menu and chose Marble because it’s been very popular with both Andiamo’s staff and guests. Joan says the pairings were surprisingly easy and came together naturally because of Marble’s large selection of designer brews. “We are serving a cake made with Marble’s delicious, creamy and chocolaty Oatmeal Stout, which will also be in the pairing,” Joan says. “Marble’s Founder and Brew Master, Ted Rice, will introducing the parings. He’s very engaging and it will be a great evening!”

322 Garfield Street in Santa Fe. 505.995.9595.

Boxcar Bar and Grill
Oskar Blues Brewery

“This is fusion-flavor time,” exclaims Boxcar Chef James Forbes. As the restaurant’s chef, James judiciously made his beer selections for the dinner, which includes a crisp citrus Mexican lager, a hearty pale ale, and a rich, mocha imperial stout. James wanted a bold variety and Oskar Blues delivered. “It’s exciting and liberating to pair our culinary talent with Oskar Blues’ innovation,” the chef says. Imagine devouring a local, all-natural Kyzer pork carne adovada braised in Boxcar’s house-citrus New Mexico red-chile sauce, washed down with a Beerito or two.

530 South Guadalupe Street in Santa Fe. 505.988.7222.

Loyal Hound Pub
Evil Twin Brewing and Off Color Brewing

Chef/Co-Owner Renee Fox considers Loyal Hound’s food a bit unconventional, so she’s pairing her courses with Evil Twin and Off Color Brewing, two gypsy brewers who craft their beer by renting unused fermentation spaces. “It’s a match made in heaven,” says Renee, a certified sommelier, who is fascinated by the innovative style of the gypsies. “I love putting together tastes that are not only awesome alone, but when paired, both are elevated to a point beyond expectation. The result can be epic!” Inspired by the collaboration, Renee says it’s definitely a lot of work, but worth every effort.

730 St. Michael’s Drive in Santa Fe. 505.471.0440.

Blue Corn Brewery
Blue Corn Brewery

Pairing food with your own brew should be a snap, right? For Blue Corn Brewery Chef David Sundberg and Head Brewer James Warren it is, but they are stretching themselves this year. “We’re reaching back into the cellar and bringing up some vintage beers,” James discloses. You’ll find out—along with Blue Corn—how flavors have changed over time. The brewery is planning five courses of small plates, including a cinnamon-infused cask brew to go with Chef David’s roasted lamb and a taste-of-New-Mexico dessert sampler, topped with a barley beer.

4056 Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe. 505.438.1800.

Rosewood in of the Anasazi Santa Fe Brewing

Anasazi Chef Edgar Beas has worked with a lot of tasting menus, which usually include wines, carbonated cocktails and liqueurs. Getting a chance to make beer the star for the Anasazi Restaurant’s Bike and Brew menu is something he relishes. “There’s a lot of room to pair anything with beer, but I’m fiddling around with a few surprises and some brand new preparations,” the chef says. He’ll be smoking lamb using every part of an apple tree, from the fruit to the branches, plus he has an extract of hops in the works. That, Edgar admits, started out, “a little too bitter,” but he’s confident he’ll achieve perfection in plenty of time.

113 Washington Avenue in Santa Fe. 505.988.3236.

Red Sage at Buffalo Thunder
Sierra Nevada

The craft-beer movement is influencing the menu at Red Sage, and the Bike and Brew dinner pairing allows the restaurant to showcase these different arrays of taste profiles. “Making sure the flavors hold up to the beer is the most challenging part,” says Chef Thomas Hartwell, who likes drinking IPA brews at home. “Good beer goes with anything,” he believes, “but we can’t have beer’s strong and bold punch overpowering subtle food flavors.” This is a balancing act we are eager to evaluate!

20 Buffalo Thunder Trail in Santa Fe. 505.573.4549.

The Palace Restaurant and Saloon
Founders Brewing Company

Manager, Christine Wiltshire  of the Palace and Chef Name TK sat down with a lineup of Founders microbrews to put their menu together. Each of the three savory courses features a different IPA  from Founders and their dessert, “The Finisher,” is topped off with silky rich Porter. The Bike and Brew Festival gives the old saloon a chance to tap its imagination and we can’t wait for a taste!

142 West Palace Avenue in Santa Fe. 505.428.0690.

Joseph’s of Santa Fe
Ballast Point Brewing Company

“Pairing with beer is quite a bit easier than with wine—which tends to be more temperamental and complex,” explains Joseph’s Chef/Owner Joseph Wrede. “The bitter quality of beer is a chef’s dream, as it gives a great opportunity to pair with fat, tangy, salty and sweet.” The chef chose Ballast Point in part because of their use of fruit in their brews. “Their Grapefruit Sculpin India Pale Ale has clean, fresh, bright qualities,” Joseph says. “We love beer and food, so expect a great, epic dinner, equal or better than the prestige and lore associated with wine dinners.”

428 Agua Fria Street in Santa Fe. 505.982.1272.

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