Albuquerque: The Frontier of Beer

Il Vicino

When I began this story, I set out to visit all the Albuquerque breweries. “No problem,” I thought, “it’ll only take me a few days!” Little did I realize that the number of establishments crafting locally produced, small-batch beers has positively skyrocketed in the past few years and Albuquerque is now home to some 25 or 30 microbreweries. Simply put, Albuquerque craft beer is exploding. But what’s behind this brewery boom? Continue reading

The Buzz October 2014


According to Women’s Health magazine, Albuquerque is one of the country’s “up-and-coming” food scenes. To which we shout a resounding, duh! According to the magazine’s formula of searching for highly rated eateries, three Duke City restaurants were highlighted, all featuring creative Latin cuisine: Pollito Con Papas, Guava Tree Cafe and Pasión Latin Fusion. Kudos all around! Continue reading

Up the Road a Piece

Here you are in Albuquerque for the International Balloon Fiesta. You got up early and went to the balloon glow, walked among the balloons, oohed and aahed over the mass ascension and posted enough photos on Facebook and Instagram that your friends are not only no longer “liking” them, they’re on the verge of blocking all further posts from you. You look at your watch at 9 a.m. and think, “What now?” You could stick around for the chainsaw carving (do you really want to?); you could go visit the other attractions in Albuquerque, of which there are many, but the other 100,000 people you were rubbing elbows with this morning will be crowding the Bio Park and the museums; or you could just go to your hotel and spend the day at the pool, thereby missing anything that the Land of Enchantment has to offer.

Visit Santa Fe

The United States is the most vacation poor country in the world. Do you really want to spend your few, precious days away from the office fighting the masses or wasting the day emulating the vultures from “The Jungle Book”? If it’s further amusement you’re seeking, there’s an option: hop in your car and travel the fifty miles up I-25 to Santa Fe. Continue reading

Local Flavor Favorite October 2014

It’s a Paint Out!

Images courtesy Canyon Road Paint Out

Images courtesy Canyon Road Paint Out

Among the myriad experiences that make October in Santa Fe such a special, nostalgic time—chiles, golden leaves, nippy nights, costumed kids, apple cider and pumpkins—is the city’s return to a true locals’ town after a bustling summer of visitors and markets and long, hot days. In these cooler, shorter days, we turn inward and perhaps backward as we sigh and relax and begin to let the vibrancy of the past year settle down. The golden light of October sheds its glow on our town and our selves, and it’s in this seasonal, northern New Mexico light that, for the past several autumns, the Canyon Road Merchants Association has joined forces with over a hundred artists to bring back the feeling of the historic road’s past by revealing the beauty of our town through the eyes, hands and brushes of local painters.

This year, the Historic Canyon Road Paint and Sculpt Out, one of the nation’s largest artist demonstrations, invites “the public to interact with working artists as they demonstrate how they create,” says Nancy Leeson, owner of Canyon Road Contemporary Art and executive member of the Canyon Road Merchants Association. Continue reading

Juniper Lamb Stew

By Dcrjsr (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Dcrjsr (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

From Chef Michael Giese of The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

2 pounds lamb meat, cubed
3 cups fresh corn cut from the cob
6 green onions
3 bell peppers
1 Tablespoon flour
2 Tablespoons lard
1/2 cup celery leaves (no stalks)
1/4 cup juniper berries
2 Tablespoons chile powder
6 cups water
salt to taste Continue reading