The Art Buzz March 2015


The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science’s Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution exhibit is a revelation! This National Geographic traveling exhibition highlights the groundbreaking research of photographer Tim Laman and Cornell Lab of Ornithology scientist Edwin Scholes, featuring the extravagant plumage, crazy courtship dances and bizarre behaviors of the extraordinary birds of New Guinea, through August 16. Equal parts natural history, photography and science exhibition, Birds of Paradise gives visitors an in-depth look into the lives of birds-of-paradise via natural soundscapes, traditional wood carvings and a montage of all 39 birds-of-paradise species. Visit for more.

Albuquerque Museum, Ed Garmin

Albuquerque Museum, Ed Garmin

Through June, Albuquerque is On the Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design, an expansive collaboration celebrating the history and present state of Albuquerque art. Exhibitions at multiple venues around town, including the Albuquerque Museum, 516 ARTS, Harwood Art Center, KiMo Theatre Gallery, Richard Levy Gallery, National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum, South Broadway Cultural Center, Tamarind Institute, UNM Art Museum and more. Exhibitions at over 20 locations celebrate the art of central New Mexico with a comprehensive focus on art and design created in the Middle Rio Grande Basin, from contemporary art to the earliest aesthetic objects created in the region. Check for complete listings of exhibitions, artists, venues and special events.

SCA Contemporary’s The Human Drift: Bart Prince, Steve Barry & T. Fitzallanruns through April 10, offering beautiful, pragmatic and physical meditations on our immediate environment. The exhibition’s title is taken from a late 19th century book by King Camp Gillette, an early pursuit of social planning that contains a wild mix of beautiful illustrations and descriptions for social and technological advancements. Like Gillette, the artists in this exhibition look to physical space for a deeper understanding of human interaction with materials, space and light. At once a local and an internationally renowned architect, Bart Prince will show several architectural models accompanied by a large collection of beautifully rendered drawings and photographs of existing projects. Steve Barrywill show his P.O.D. (Practicing Our Democracy)piece from 2004, an acrylic lotus flower that is simultaneously a shield and a symbol of peace. This sculptural work retains its poignancy 10 years later. T. Fitzallan is a first time collaboration of Nina Dubois and Sheri Crider, whose moniker is based on a hybrid of the artists’ grandfathers’ names. The sculptural work they created for this exhibition embodies an inherited proclivity for resourcefulness and a reverence of the pictorial landscape. More information at

The March 22Placitas Artists Series Concert features Willy Sucre and Friends, including clarinetist James Shields and clarinet quintets by Johannes Brahms and Richard Rodney Bennett, as well as David Wilde’s Cellist of Sarajevo. It is paired with a pre-concert exhibition at Las Placitas Presbyterian Church that showcases the watercolor and multimedia work of Lynda Burch, watercolors from Lynne Peckinpaugh, fiber art from Judith Roderick, and pen-and-ink works from Dennie York. The works are on display through March 27. Visit for more.

Santa Fe

University of New Mexico and Los Alamos National Lab scientists are at the forefront of the newest technologies, revealing the hidden beauty of living cells and the molecules that provide the essentials of life. To showcase the beauty of art in science, the sixth annual Art of Systems Biology and Nanoscience art show, opening the weekend of March 27 and 28, features ideas and art from the cellular and molecular world, as well as avant-garde pieces inspired by science and nature and presentations by renowned scientists discussing cells responses and patterns to allergens and their surroundings by using advanced imagery. In addition, Saturday’s event will feature interactive nanotechnology experiments for attendees. Visit for a list of artists, scientists and details on the show, which runs through April 25 at Peters Projects Gallery, a new venue this year.

Santa Fe is proud to claim cultural impresario George R.R. Martin, who has become a bit of a fairy godfather to the art and culture scene. Now he’s purchased the defunct and derelict Santa Fe bowling alley, Silva Lanes, so that art collective Meow Wolf will have a permanent home. But getting a building is one thing, being able to renovate and install an interactive exhibition like the planned House of Eternal Return is another. Go to and support the organization’s campaign to raise $100,000to pay for a team of 75 artists to create the project, which also features artists’ studios, a learning center, a kids’ place and gallery gift shop.

The Santa Fe Gallery Association’s Art Matters series continues from March 13 through 22, with participating galleries pairing with restaurants to host discussions on the subject of Sustenance: Food, Conversation, and Art to Nourish the Body, Mind, and Soul. Pippin Contemporary’s March 21 Steeped in Art event invites attendees to taste a variety of teas while contemplating the defining qualities they share with contemporary paintings. Marketing Director Kelly Skeen will work with Teahouse owner Richard Freedman to pair a different gourmet tea with each of its artists based on the tea’s richness, flavor, boldness and energy. Artists Aleta Pippin, Cody Hooper, Stephanie Paige, Tony Griffith, Michael Monroe Ethridge and Kevin Robb will have their bodies of work paired with a tea based on painting style, artistic inspiration and emotions evoked from the work. Check for details.


Sight Unseen returns March 15 at the Encore Gallery at the Taos Community Auditorium for year three of a spectacular event. This fundraiser shrouded in mystery offers 80 six-by-eight inch works of art created by recognized and beloved Taos artists, each for sale for $135. The mystery is that no one knows who created the work of art until the piece is purchased. Doors open at 5 p.m. for first viewing and purchase. Not all works will be easily identifiable by the artists who created them, either, thus purchasers choose a work of art with their heart as they see a piece that moves them. More at

Kent Hicks brings atmosphere into any room. And on March 1, during the opening reception for The Spirit of the Land at Act I Gallery and Sculpture Garden, you’ll see why. The artist will be at the gallery to celebrate the opening of his solo exhibition that shows how we are one with nature. His passionate oils showcase the icy waters of a high mountain stream or the intense and brilliant sunset glow, where our memories come alive. Visit for more.

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